Reich Keramic Deluxe Matt Chrome & Black Mixer Tap

Code: N1111

Code: N1111
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Introducing the Reich Keramic Deluxe Matt Chrome & Black Mixer Tap, a stylish and convenient tap designed especially to be fitted with common motorhome and caravan sinks and hob sink combinations. Crafted with premium materials, this mixer tap seamlessly blends hot and cold water to perfection, ensuring optimal temperature control for your comfort.

Featuring a sleek design, this tap is equipped with a narrower thread specifically tailored to fit smaller sink holes, making it an ideal choice for compact spaces. With a hole requirement of just 20mm, installation is effortless, while the tap's base diameter of 38mm ensures stability and durability.

Designed for convenience, the tap stands at a folded height of 40mm above the base, providing ample clearance for various sink activities. Its overall length of 167mm offers ease of use and accessibility. 

The Reich Keramic Deluxe Mixer Tap doesn't compromise on style either, boasting a modern finish in Chrome and Black that effortlessly complements any decor scheme. The microswitch cable length is 370mm, and is fitted with a crimped cable fitting, which can be used or cut off for use with a differentt electrical connector. 

The spout can be easily removed exposing a plastic male 10mm thread, making the tap easy to clean and allowing for the fitting of an upgraded spout/shower head with ease.

Upgrade your sink experience with the Reich Ceramic Deluxe Mixer Tap — where functionality meets elegance.

  • Brand: Reich
  • Base Ø: 38 mm
  • Height: 40 mm (outlet folded down)
  • Overall spout length: 165 mm approx
  • Mounting hole Ø: 27 mm
  • Hose Connection - Stepped Barbed Fitting 10/12mm
  • Microswitched: Yes